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Image Competition Submission Rules | Gold Coast Professional Photographers Association
Print Competition Rules 2020 for GCPPA 
I. Responsibilities of Print Competition Chairperson:
  • A. Print competition chairperson will maintain print judging equipment and ensure that all necessary supplies (corners, score sheets, entry forms lights, easel, etc.) are available for judging at each meeting where there is to be a print competition.
  • B. Print competition chairperson will be cognizant of print competition rules and will ensure that a set of rules is available during judging to settle disputes.
  • C. Program chairman will secure qualified judges.
II. General Competition Rules:
  • A. Classification of entries – color, black and white, hand-colored or any photographically derived print is eligible in the following classifications: (The definitions below are to assist you in placing your image in a category, they are not absolute. Think carefully before you designate a category for your image.)
  • It is ultimately the responsibility of the entrant as to which category in which the image is judged. The print competition committee will not arbitrarily change images into another category if they appear to not meet the categories’ definition.

Animal: Images of animals created in a studio setting or outdoors. Man-made objects are permitted in the image.

Architecture: Exterior and/or interior Images of structures.

Children: Images of a child or children

Industrial, tabletop, advertising, stock and aerial images. If there is a “tear-sheet” of the image please bring it with you the night, when entering your image if you wish for the judges to see how the image was used.

Images of a family group

illustrative: Images representing an alternative type of creativity, photography, and/or not meeting the requirements of any other categories.

Landscape: Images of landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, nightscapes being the dominant subject. People can appear in the image.

Nature: Images where the flora and/or fauna are the dominant subject and no man-made objects are visible.

Photojournalism: Image captured at the peak of action and telling a story. Nothing may be altered. Minor dodging, burning, dust spot removal and adjusting curves are the only treatment allowed. Maker must be prepared to submit the original file at any point for verification.

Photographic Artist: Entries may be regenerated from existing photographs, portraits, graphics or any other artwork so long as the entrant is prepared to provide appropriate written documentation indicating permission for usage. The final result is a factor, but the execution of technique and degree of difficulty are also considered. Guide images are encouraged to help the judges understand the process used and techniques involved in creating the final image.

Portrait (Environmental): Images of people captured in an outdoor setting.

Portrait: (High School Senior): Images of High School Seniors captured in a studio or outdoor setting.

Portrait (Studio): Images captured in a studio environment.

Wedding: Images captured for a wedding

Wedding (Photojournalistic): Images captured of a candid moment that reflects the storytelling. No posed images. Nothing may be altered. Minor dodging, burning, dust spot removal and adjusting curves are the only treatment allowed.

SOOC: (Straight Out of Camera) Image created strictly in camera. Controlled lighting, exposure and proper posing of subject are expected. There can be no postproduction process applied to the image other than dust spot removal, cropping and matting. Maker must be prepared to submit the original raw file for verification. In this category, your image will be moved to another category if the guidelines are not met.

  • Which classification a print competes in is up to the maker.
  • B. Entrant’s certification of responsibility – entrants must be prepared to certify that they have created, composed and made the original image and that the processing, printing and any special effects were made by them or under their direction. No photograph will be eligible that has been made under the supervision of an instructor, nor previously merited in a higher level of competition. (WPPI, PPC, PPA)
  • C. Entries allowed – total number of entries allowed per print competition per member shall be six (6) with no more than two (2) images in one category. No two (2) photographs shall be of the same subject unless the treatment is such as to produce entirely different photographs.
  • D. Size and Format Images shall be JPG format.  All images shall not exceed 4000 pixels on the longest side. (File size should be approximately 3.5 MB per image)  Files will be named as follows:  CategoryName_TitleOfImage.extension  (example: PortraitEnvironmental_SeeJaneRun.jpg)  If an image exceeds the stated parameters, it may be disqualified.  All images must be submitted by the advertised Print Comp Deadline (Normally four days prior to the competition) to the following address: 
  • E. Member eligibility – all active members may enter print competitions. Nonmembers or associate members are not eligible. Member maker need not be present to enter photographs in competition, but needs to pay meeting fees. Associate and nonmembers may ask for print critiques. After all categories have been judged.
  • F. Deadline –  Digital entries should be submitted no later than 5:00pm on the Friday prior to the meeting. 
  • G. Awards – corners of merit will be awarded to prints scoring 80 and above. The top print in each class scoring 80 and above will be awarded first place (blue ribbon). The judges shall decide, from the first place in each class by a process of elimination, the Best of Show. In case of a tie for the Best of Show, duplicate corners will be awarded.
  • H. Judging criteria – prints will be scored using the PPA/PPC Scoring on a range 65-100. To receive a ribbon of merit, a print must score 80 or higher. All prints that receive an average score 10 points higher or lower than any judges score will automatically be challenged. A judge or the print chairperson may challenge any print at any time. The maker of a photograph is given the option of having a critique of their print. Critique of each print is not mandatory. Judges may discuss or critique prints only after all scores have been recorded.
Addendum March 2020
  • Each entry to the Print Competition will be assessed a fee of ten dollars per image ($10) after the second image for Premium Members and ten dollars per image ($10) after the first image for others.
  • Each entrant to the Print Competition will have a six (6) image limit for submissions 

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